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Concept artist


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Lives near London

Can work anywhere in the UK

Special Skills

Specialisations: Character concept design | Visual development | Environment design | Matte painting | 3D character modelling.Software: Photoshop | ZBrush | Keyshot | Blender | Unreal Engine.

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As a freelance concept artist with ten years experience in the animation industry, I specialize in a wide range of subject matters and styles, including environment concept art and 3D character models.By combining my expertise in art direction and concept art, I consistently deliver captivating visuals that help clients bring their creative visions to life. I have worked with renowned studios and brands, such as Disney, Triggerfish, Passion Pictures, and Tulips and Chimneys. I am passionate about exploring new techniques and tools to enhance my skills and expand my portfolio. Visit to see some of my work.