Graeme Richard Peacock

Graphic designer

Props master 

- Assistant art director


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Lives in London

Has a 2nd base near Glasgow

Can work locally

Special Skills

Photoshop, Illustrator, Prop sourcing, Prop handling/transport, Set Dressing/Striking, Location Reccys, Standby

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Featured Credits

Live At The Moth Club

TV Series - Props master

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Here We Go

TV Series - Graphic designer

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TV Series - Graphic designer

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Then Barbara Met Alan

Documentary - Graphic designer

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TV Series - Art department assistant

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King Gary

TV Series - Graphic designer

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Boxing Day

Feature Film - Graphic designer

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Started out in 2019, after a decade working in fashion, I find i wear many hats within the Art Department as well as the industry as a whole.Including graphic design, props, dressing and general assisting on features, TV comedies, music videos and reality TV to name a few.