Kai Bodenhamer

Petty cash buyer

Art department assistant 

- Set dresser

Booked until October 1, 2024

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Lives in London

Has a 2nd base near Southampton

Can work anywhere in the UK

Special Skills

Sketchup, Photoshop, Hand drafting, Painting, Buying & Hiring from various London Prop houses, Excel, Google sheets,

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Short Film - Art department assistant

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Slow Horses

TV Series - Art department assistant

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TV Series - Props buyer

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TV Series - Props buyer

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I have just finished an 8-month stint as a Set Decoration Assistant on HETV show Slow Horses (2023). Experienced in petty cash buying & receipt submitting, office admin, props sourcing & hiring, set dressing.  I am a hardworking, capable person with transferable skills from 7+ years of hospitality work, such as great attention to detail and organisational skills. Looking to step up as a petty cash buyer, but would also love to expand my skills working as a set decoration assistant with different teams.